Cuban literature

Cuban literature is one of the most prolific in Latin America. Many are the writers who have achieved international acclaim. The works of these artists have responded to the development of artistic movements in force: neoclassicism, romanticism, modernism, existentialism, among others.

Literary criticism also had its place in the middle of this blossoming of poets, storytellers, historians, philosophers, essayists and researchers; some advocates of an emerging identity, other sentimentality, the symbolist intimacy or lyrical exoticism. Many good generations would follow later with the vanguards of the twentieth century that motivate the current literary boom.


Alejo Carpentier

Alejo Carpentier and Valmont, Cuban novelist and narrator, greatly influenced Latin American literature boom. He developed a particular style where applied aspects of imagination to recreate reality, what was later calle...


Antón Arrufat

Anton Arrufat Mrad, playwright, novelist, short story writer, poet and essayist, National Literature Prize 2000 Cuba, first published in the journal Cyclone. In 1968, his piece Seven Against Thebes, version of one of the...


José Lezama Lima

José María Andrés Fernando Lezama Lima, poet, novelist, short story writer and essayist Cuban, not only in Cuba but also in Latin America. He gained his popularity mainly for his novel Paradiso, considered one of the ...

Virgilio Piñera. foto: cortesia

Virgilio Piñera

Virgilio Pinera, a Cuban writer who dabbled in poetry, short story, novel and drama. His best known works are: La isla en peso (poetry, 1943), La carne de René (novel, 1952) and Electra Garrigó (theater, 1959) in its b...


Leonardo Padura

Leonardo Padura Fuentes de la Caridad, Cuban novelist and journalist, is the creator of detective Mario Conde. His early life was in the neighborhood of Mantilla and the influence of this stage frequently will be reflect...


Carilda Oliver Labra

Carilda Oliver Labra is one of the most important contemporary Cuban poets. Her book, Preludio Lírico, is the first contact of the writer with her audience; but this hardly suggests her overwhelming personality. In 1949...