Theatrical life in painting

by Magaly Espinosa, Sunday October 1st, 2017


Infinity is contained in an image.


The painting expands and conquers other means from its customary vanity towards the dialogue with relatives close to the representation. It engulfs them, incorporates them, according to the need of the creator to make the real unreal.

Miriannys Montes de Oca, sets the scene of his paintings, dresses his characters, announces events or situations appealing to the theater where characters will sometimes coincide with their attire, in others, ghostly, surrounded in an environment that depends on the tension caused by the gesture, the background environment or the postures they adopt.

The actors in these scenarios resemble caricatures, whose faces are delineated on some features that give it expressiveness, reinforced by the title of the work to which the anecdote has been translated. In Farewell, for example, two figures of back, dressed in black, say goodbye entering a landscape of sea, sky or earth, out of nothing, pregnant with green beauty.

2.75x1.45m Esmalte/vinil

As a whole, they are pieces in which the details vanish through presences that have a corporeal density, abstract and indefinite, resembling entities that capture beauty in that body.

Those of expressionist style, are exhibited together with others that stand out for their high contrasts, but the striking of these visual solutions, is the dramatic aesthetic that links them, since most of the circumstances that are announced seem to refer to moments that have not concluded, to lost destinations, or to sentences of a truncated story that we will have to imagine.

There may be a coincidence between title and image, as can be seen in the work Death of a Dreamer, an abstract scenario serves as background to its unique character, envelops it, accompanies it with vivid colors, refer to the impulse of your dreams or the intensity of the event. The narration, as in many cases happens, is in the pictorial solution, in the use of the means that this art possesses to load of visual space symbols.

1.45x1m Esmalte/vinil

The stories that Miriannys tells us are suspended, arrested, some are unreal, others are short sentences: Love, the force of resistance, a dialectic that draws mystery and charm.

1x2m Esmalte/vinil

Magaly Espinosa