Making Of from the Serie The bearable weights of humans

by Juan Daniel Santana Rodés, Monday October 2nd, 2017


Do you want to know about the creative process of the most recent series Miriannys Montes de Oca’s Bearable weights of humans?

Exclusively for you, we share some of the words of the artist, as well as the snapshots taken during the stage production of each work in the series.

I approach the theater in its codes of representation, but it is the man who interests me, his anguish, his faith, his happiness, his life. In this sense, the only thing that could allude to a contextual work is the title and the way in which the image is assumed.

I believe that human behavior has a great theatrical component.

I work with the neighbor, the family, the friends, who already contain a strong and real history of theatrical lives.

The painting still has a mystery that we can not unveil. It is perpetual, indescribable when a good work is accomplished. Painting is reality filtered by the soul; this vocation is born with the intrinsic spirit of each individual.