Miriannys Montes de Oca


When you limit an artist or enclose her on a pattern, art disappears with its bases contained by history.

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El canario blanco I
1.45x1m Óleo/lienzo
1.45x1m Esmalte/vinil
1.45x1m Esmalte/vinil
1.45x1m Esmalte/vinil
1x2m Esmalte/vinil
The bearable weights of humans
(Español) 1.65x2.40cm 2016
(Español) 150x115cm esmalte vinil 2015
(Español) 30x22cm 2015
(Español) 120x147cm oleo sobre lienzo
(Español) 120x120cm 2015
(Español) 30x22cm 2015
(Español) 10x10cm mixta. lienzo 2014
(Español) 40x40cm oleo tela 2015
(Español) 30x22cm oleo lienzo 2015
(Español) 30x22cm oleo lienzo 2015
(Español) 40x40cm oleo lienzo 2015
(Español) 30x22cm oleo lienzo 2014
(Español) Diluvio. 190x145 oleo tela industrial 2014
(Español) Primavera. 400x150cm oleo tela
(Español) 80x80cm oleo lienzo 2014
(Español) 10x10cm 2015
(Español) Diluvio detalle
(Español) Trampa engalanada. 220x145cm tela oleo
In times of tricks
(Español) 30x15cm oleo tela
(Español) 30x15cm oleo tela 2012
(Español) 145x195cm oleo tela 2012
(Español) 145x195cm oleo tela


A sample of the latest exhibitions of the artist is presented.

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Between action and reality

2017, Cuba - México


The three times I saw you kill

2016, Higher Institute of Arts, Havana


The bearable weights of humans

2017, Mexico´s House Benito Juárez, Old Havana


Scena 0

2015, Cinema Lux, Havana


My concepts



Art history has reached a point of variability, to a point where people defend both a painting as an action. There is a variability that breaks the boundaries of reality and art, and there is no clear...



A book, inside a gun. A mirror, inside a room with the paintings of the exhibition. An airtight box inside a secret. A painting behind another painting. An umbrella inside a sabre. A to...



A light, the flowers. A transparent cloth with adhered images of nature. A green floor that makes you believe you are levitating. The projection in a dark room of the most beautiful place. ...



Objects thrown to the wall, fallen, broken. Remains of a construction that doesn’t exist anymore. A dead dog. A burnt tree. The picture of a person that will die soon. Paintings witho...

My vision of art

What I love of the time that I have lived is the freedom, the mutability. Although there minds wishing to impose a pattern, a specific way of thinking about art, there is always the break, but would not be art.

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From our blog, you can follow up close the latest news about the work of the artist Mia Montes de Oca.

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Making Of from the Serie The bearable weights of humans

Do you want to know about the creative process of the most recent series Miriannys Montes de Oca's Bearable weights of humans? Exclusively for you, we share some of the words of the artist, as well as the snapshots taken during the stage production of each work in the series. I approach the theater in its codes of representation, but it is the man who interests me, his anguish, his faith, his happiness, his life. In this sense, the only thing...


Theatrical life in painting

Infinity is contained in an image. Miriannys. The painting expands and conquers other means from its customary vanity towards the dialogue with relatives close to the representation. It engulfs them, incorporates them, according to the need of the creator to make the real unreal. Miriannys Montes de Oca, sets the scene of his paintings, dresses his characters, announces events or situations appealing to the theater where characters will some...


Havana Biennial in Cuba

The Havana Biennial has been one of the most significant cultural events in the history of Cuba. For more than three decades it has brought together the best of the visual arts of the island and the world. After the creation in 1983 of the Wifredo Lam Center of Contemporary Art, his management team undertook the mission to convene every two years to the most outstanding visual artists from different regions, with particular emphasis on third worl...